Our Premier Property Management Services

Dons Premier is working really hard to give you the best of the best experience within our property management practises. We have a wide range of premium services to the landlords through our management.

Renting a property is very hard from the beginning if you do not have the right knowledge, experience, the data base and the contacts, let us give you a brief description of what you have to go through to rent a property and mange it.

Listing a property, we provide you with an upfront honest rental appraisal. We show you the current rental market, similar properties in your area, we discuss everything about your property and everything you need to know about being a Landlord, we show the advertising and marketing cost involved to advertise your property and will not charge a cent more.

Finding Tenants, we use Premium advertising on realestate.com.au as well as huge marketing and advertising on social media campaigns, we also have lots of community-based contacts. Some of our tenants are very well known to us and have been waiting on our data base for a quite a long time for their perfect rental property. When it comes to qualifying a tenant there is a lot involved, we normally elaborate all these to you at the signing up of your rental property, we conduct Tenant History checks and make sure we tick off most of the boxes, applications are then given to the landlord for approval before signing a tenant.

Once a suitable tenant is found we conduct an Entry Condition Report with pictures and notes of the condition of the property when tenancy started, after 3 months we follow up with a routine inspection and then continue with routine inspections every 6 months until the end of a tenancy. At the end of a tenancy an Exit Condition Report is conducted, this report should match the Entry Condition Report apart from general wear and tear. All Reports, pictures and relevant documents can be accessed on Property Me Software.

We are using a Premium Rental software called Property Me which is an online portal for Agents, Landlords and Tenants. Landlords can access monthly rental statements, view inspection reports and photos of their property and see job/ maintenance request. Tenants have access to payment receipts, can send maintenance request and can view their payment history.

We always update our self with new laws and compliances and we always tell you the legal side of management issues and how to protect the landlord and the tenant with care.

Our Property managers will always ask the Landlord for instruction before we send any license trades person to undertake the maintenance issues, if a Landlord wishes they can organise their own license trades persons to do the maintenance in the rental property as long as they provide Dons Premier with the licensed trade number.

Our communication is very high with the Landlord and the Tenants, we always inform the landlords and tenants via written form (emails or post) and then we also follow up over the phone.

We do have the option of Detector Inspector for quality checks of smoke alarms and heaters if landlords would like this service, we are happy to do the organising for you.

We can also assist our tenants with their utility connections gas, water and electricity.

We are here to protect and give the best services to our clients so they can relax and have a peace of mind.

Thank you,
Dons Premier Property Management Team