The Beginning

Dons Premier Estate Agents core team was founded in 2017 by the founder Lushan Dons with the newest technology, skills, and training. We have carefully studied the real estate market and the most relevant scenarios and systems to bring our clients new strategies and tactics to provide fast effective results with very low cost.

Why are we so affordable:

We are an independent company staying with minimum outgoings and costs as we believe we can give more back to our client by reducing unnecessary costs that are involved with the high street agencies. (Example: No royalty fees, no huge office cost etc) Today’s real estate is almost 90% online internet-based, and most buyers search for their ideal properties through internet searching platforms such as Realestate.com.au as well as social media. Today with busy lifestyles it seems to us that people do not have time like in the olden days to walk into real estate offices and look at window displays or stock lists etc therefore we do premium higher-end advertising of our sales and rental properties on internet-based popular platforms plus social media. This is how we came to the concept of just utilizing the correct and important marketing/advertising and at the same time ditching unnecessary costly outgoings to get the best outcome for our clients with the lowest cost possible.

Our Methods of Sales.

Traditional sale: We offer our clients traditional sales systems such as an estate agent or its representative listing a property for a Private or an Auction sale for a commission (percentage or flat fee) with Advertising/marketing cost and administration costs. You can Visit Our agent's page and select any of those agents to sell your property with the traditional way of selling.

Sale by Vendor (Owner): We also offer a very affordable option where agents facilitate the sale by providing all the marketing and advertising facilities for a cost of $2200 plus advertising costs where the owner runs their inspections and directly deals with buyers to make the deal or for another additional $1100 get a remote agent to negotiate with the buyers for pricing via phone or any electronic method and save big on agent commission. For more information, please click this link https://www.donspremier.com.au/sell-your-property-independently-2/

The Sales team (Estate Agents and their representatives)

The sales team at Dons Premier are very well-trained in real estate marketing and selling strategies. Our sales team regularly undergo training daily to improve their knowledge and skills so they can provide their Vendors/ Property Owners with the education they need to understand the marketing and selling process before they put their property on the market as a traditional sale or sale by Vendor. Our sales team is skilled in all sales methods from Auctions to private sales and we also conduct Auctions by hiring out our Auctioneers for Vendors who want to choose the sale-by- vendor option.

The Property Management

The property management team at Dons Premier Estate Agents are also being trained daily to provide both the rental providers and renters with the best service throughout their lease process. Our property management team is equipped with higher-end software to facilitate and keep track of your investment properties. We conduct routine inspections and update the rental provider with their rental property's up-to-date situations, and we use licensed tradespeople to conduct the work that needs to be done.

Our Expectation

Dons Premier Estate Agents would like to invite you to experience the premium quality service that we provide to achieve your targets and dreams in real estate.