Package offers the following benefits:

1. The Contractor (hereinafter referred to as the Sales Associate) could stay on the Principals’ Platform for an indefinite period under this package.

2. The sales Associate will pay an Affiliation fee of $159.00per month inc GST.

3. Sales Associates will pay the said Affiliation Fee of $159.00per month which is due and payable at the beginning of each calendar month by Direct Debit or Credit Card through the Principals ‘nominated payment gateway.

4. If the Sales Associate is able to bring a gross income to the company of $3954/- from listed and successfully sold listing within 6 months from the start date as a Six-month cycle, then the Sales. Associate will be reimbursed by the principal the amount ($159 x 6 months =$954) Loyalty Fees paid during that Six (6) months period.

5. Sales –
The Sales Associate/s gets 85% (Lead [introducing the property and the owner] 30%, Listing [ negotiating with the vendor commission and marketing etc and getting the property legally signed under the authority of Dons Premier]35%, Selling [Any agent who finds the buyer] 20%) out of the Commission. The principal is entitled to 15% of the Commission.

6. Where a settled sale has resulted from the efforts of two or more salespeople because of a separate independent dealing of the Sales Associate with such third parties, such third parties should enter into contracts with the Sales Associate separately on their own terms and conditions to spilt their Commission. In avoidance of doubt, this arrangement does not affect the percentage of the principal who is required to get said 15% commission.

7. Rentals
The Sales Associate/managing associate gets 50% of all income. (The contractor will manage and do all the work related to the management and the principal will look after the trust account disbursements and provide necessities such as authority papers etc)


The principal gets 50% of all rental income.

1. The Sales Associate must understand there is an office/administration fee of $495.00 per sale
allocated for the house seller (vendor) to pay in their marketing and advertising schedule, that fee
will cover the agency administering fee for the sale. The correct practice is the contractor always
gets such costs and the marketing and advertising paid by the vendor in case the contractor fails to
get the vendor to pay such marketing and administration fees the contractor is liable to pay those
fees before the particular property launches into the marketplace. chargers are subject to change
from time to time by the principal by giving 28 days’ notice to the Contractor.

2. For the purpose of avoidance of any doubt any advertising fees or administrative fees will not be
borne by the principal, and it will be borne by the Sales Associate and /or by the Vendor prior to
launching the property to the market as well as before ordering the Sale board and photos.
Services provided by the principal:

✓ Price finder (National)
✓ (CRM) System
✓ Trust Accounting
✓ Realestate.com.au /Domain premier subscription
✓ Marketing Support
✓ In-House Graphic Design
✓ Access to all suppliers
✓ Head office support
✓ Electronic Forms
✓ Electronic Signature
✓ RateMyAgent Pro
✓ Social Media Management
✓ Powerful lead generation
✓ Vendor advertising finance
✓ No suburb restrictions on listing and selling anywhere in Victoria
✓ Revenue share system
✓ Joining fee + insurance fee = $350inc GST per year non-refundable.
✓ Few personal names highlighting branding options under Dons Premier Estate Agents’ brand